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So I was thinking...

Lamentable comedy of the self-harming apple pie
And how depression leads to weight gain, in some cases

As you must know
Freudian theory states that there is an apple pie inside each and every one of us

Fat is brought about by our own self-loathing
Self harming includes cutting that apple pie which we all are.
The apple pie of our life, reincarnated as cherry or fish, depending on your worst of allergies, pleasures and annoyances. pissshh
We hack and chop like the angsty cutty people we are!
We eat the apple pie
(if it's good)
( if it's shit we throw it away)
(therefore bad apple pie leads to waste and weight loss)
(inspired by the apple pie in the kitchen)

tarry wanton rash! I'm dope high on hash
(doris) rash? Ahoy! Bringest the talcum powder
(guuarder) ill met by moonlight proud doris mifsud
(guuarder) it is my greatest regret to inform
(guuarder) we are out of the substance, don't be rude
(guuarder) so I wish you leavest, your night be't warm
(doris) Fair guard! But why is the powder gone?
(guuarder) Need no answer, I'm a pretty dancer

It's getting dark
So I must say

With the lights out
It's less dangerous

OH kind latest Sir Cobain! How I beg to differ
The darkest o'er nights leads to the darkest o' our lives
The darkest of our lives creates the auriferous aura of burning flames
Creepy crawlies
Trip in the wire
The mosquito
Its libido

You disagree?
A deniallllll
A deniaaaaaaaaal
A deniaaal
A deniaalll
A deniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall

I found it hard, it's hard to find
The light switch on the cold bare wall
it's hard to see, so i can't see
Oh well whatever never mind

Dull would be of soul he who does not wish'st for a pair ‘o classic beauteous beauties
Oh How I long for the deep sea dreaming, the goddess of imaginary yellow chucks
I must warn that I'm not high
Magnesium course over, Calcium is done
Oh how my bones yearn for the energy to run
The energy to Spring
Spring = to run
Practical Swedish lessons for your everyday life
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